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Crack Cocaine Rehab Canada
Cocaine is extremely detrimental to the body. The consequences can be permanent damage, addiction, and death. The effects, short-term and long-term, of cocaine abuse can be devastating. Cocaine, the most frequently mentioned illicit substance is a "hard" drug that is either snorted, smoked or injected. It looks like a white crystalline powder or an off-white chunky material. Drug dealers cut the powder and add adulterants to it. Those include, but are not limited to: caffeine, chalk, laundry detergent, rat poison, meat tenderizer, baby laxatives, baby powder, talcum and even on a few rare cases, crushed glass.

crack cocaine addiction

Crack Cocaine Addiction

The drug in itself is quite expensive and its price ranges from as low as $2 for a rock to $40. A single gram of cocaine could cost up to $150, which is more than $10 per tenth of gram. It should also be noted that cocaine has a very high rate of overdose. Powder cocaine is also commonly diluted with other substances such as lactose, inositol, mannitol, and local anesthetics such as lidocaine to increase the volume of the substance and the profits.

Crack is a freebase form of cocaine. It owes its name to the crackling sound made when heating the sodium bicarbonate or ammonia during its production. It became popular because it provides with instantaneous and intense highs. The most commonly smoked form of cocaine is crack.

Crack Cocaine Overdose
The dosage and method of use that can cause cocaine overdose differs from individual to individual. The effects of crack cocaine overdose are extremely intense and are usually short in nature. Even though somewhat uncommon, fatalities have been recorded from crack cocaine overdose due to seizures, heart attack, brain haemorrhage, kidney failure, stroke and repeated convulsion.

Crack Cocaine Rehab Centers
Drug rehab centers
have different aspects. You have out-patient programs, residential programs, meetings, detox clinics etc. Depending of the extent of the addiction, one center can apply while some other ones may not. This is why a good assessment is needed to determine the appropriate type of drug rehab center.

Addiction Enders has access to a database of hundreds of Drug rehab centers.
We can help you find the best crack cocaine rehab center in either Canada or the United States.

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