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Addiction Enders provides support and resources for those who's lives are affected by addiction.

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About Addiction Enders
The founders of Addiction Enders are regular people who have struggled with addiction, regular people who have overcome their addictions and are now living normal, healthy lives. We believe we can help you because we know from first-hand experience what it's like to be addicted, but more importantly, we know what it takes to overcome addiction.
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  Intervention Services
Intervention is a Process by which any group attempt to confront an addict or alcoholic member of that group and impose their wish to save that persons life. This is a process that more and more people are attempting to do on their own with the release of A&E’s hit television series Intervention. I would like to point out that on this show there is always a trained professional present who trains the family to properly conduct the Intervention or conducts it themselves.
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Addiction Services

Addiction services by substance: alcohol, drugs, chemicals.

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  Alcohol Addiction
The condition known as alcoholism is a degenerative and invasive condition. Although alcohol is an legal drug its still a drug, to which one can gain both physical and mental dependencies. Alcoholism is the single most dangerous substance to detoxify an individual from once a physical dependency has begun.
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  Drug Addiction
Drugs are a term that encompasses a large number of different substances which are complicated and often not well understood by onlookers. Although anyone who knows and addict will say I knew something was wrong, you will often hear that they didn’t understand how a substance could become so important to them and take over the way they did. Drugs do have two specific ways that they control their users as both mental and physical dependencies occur depending on which substances are consumed and in what quantities.
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